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    The Non-Powered Dam Hydropower Development and Ranking Opportunity Tool is developed to analyze the feasibility of retrofitting existing non-powered dams (NPDs) with generation and energy storage technologies. The tool provides development feasibility ratings based on adding generation paired with energy storage (batteries, hydrogen, pumped storage hydro) to existing NPDs.

    This web-based interactive tool lets the user choose from a wide range of features to define each of the benefits through a user-friendly graphical user interface. These features are related to dam operation, hydropower opportunity, power market economy, social vulnerability and risk, proximity to critical infrastructure and energy generating facilities, environmental concerns (air, water, and critical habitat), and natural hazard potential. The overall priority score of NPDs is calculated based on user-defined weights for each of the benefits.

    Start by filling out a brief questionnaire designed to guide benefits selection.
    Getting Started
    Start using the tool by answering a brief questionnaire designed to tailor non-powered dam assets based on your stakeholder group, region of interest, and desired outcome from conversion.

    This questionnaire collects user input so as to inform future research about interest in non-powered dam conversion.

    User Group
    Please select which user group you belong to. We recognize that different users may be interested in different insights about NPDs retrofits. We would like to learn more about the way you’d like to use this tool.

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